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We love the holidays – all those long fun-packed days trips to the beach and spending time together as a family. But we know that all those activities can be tough in a kid’s shoes. Stylish footwear for Kids in Rajasthan, That’s why Carbon Footwear are so popular with mums and dads because a pair of our sandals, shoes, or boots are sure to keep your little one’s feet comfortable all summer long, as well as standing up to the tough tests little ones will put them through.

Stylish footwear for Kids in Rajasthan – School Footwear for Kids in Jaipur

With the hols just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to shop. To help you decide on the perfect pair, we’ve picked out some star styles from our boys’ and girls’ ranges.

First up we have the Shoes, combining heritage Carbon Footwear style and trendy trainer detailing – it’s tough, it’s cool and it’ll look great with anything your boy wants to wear. The sturdy Carbon sole is super-comfortable and the two hook-and-loop straps make for easy on-off.

Another one for the boys, the Carbon Sandal has a hook-and-loop strap and supportive construction, so it’s an ideal style for growing feet, while the covered toe will keep their tootsies protected from bumps and scrapes. Now all you need is some sunshine!

The boy is sure to capture his imagination, with its fun and playful cowboy detailing inspired by all things Wild West. The single hook-and-loop strap, stretchy ‘laces’ and elasticated sides make for easy on-off – so your parents will love this one too. Yee-haw!

Now it’s the girls’ turn, and wow have we got some fun, funky, and fresh picks for them too! The adorably detailed Carbon Footwear is first up, with smart brogue punch-holing and cute cut-outs that will capture your heart as well as your little girl’s. This is the perfect shoe for summer parties, family occasions, and pretty much any time you want her to look super-cute!

Last but by no means least is the lovable, a follow-up to one of our most popular girls’ designs. Supportive leather uppers, scalloped edging and a glittery see-through sole all come together to create a picture-perfect style with heaps of character. A surefire success that can be worn in the playground or for smarter family events.

Remember, School Footwear for Kids in Jaipur, it’s not long until the summer and winter fun begins, so shop now and make sure you’re ready once the holidays – and hopefully the good weather – arrives! Get more collection for Best Sandal for ladies in India

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