PU Sole and Its Advantages | PU Gents and Ladies Footwear in India

A few decades ago, footwear manufacturing was checking out an alternative to the regular sole materials to make a healthier, stylish, and sustainable sole. The search noticed a replacement hope when Carbon Footwear had disrupted with an attractive and innovative material that’s referred to as Polyurethane (PU). Carbon Footwear has been recommending and providing this excellent sole footwear for several years to make a plethora of footwear. The first reason for its popularity is that the footwear manufacturers also PU Sole and Its Advantages because the end-users to an excellent extent with its amazing properties.

The PU Sole has been extensively utilized as a Footwear sole material to develop robust and sustainable high-quality Footwear for applications requiring rough use such as trekking, sports, labor-intensive industries, etc. However, the PU Footwear manufacturer in Rajasthan has made it to be used as a sole material for causal and office footwear like formal shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes, sandals, sneakers, chapels, etc. Moreover, the constant endeavors of the PU sole manufacturers and the continual demand for this material by the best Gent and Ladies Shoes Manufacturer in India industry have now made the PU quite affordable. The right price of the PU footwear makes it suitable to be used in more types of footwear than its standard counterparts.  

PU Sole and Its Advantages | PU Gents and Ladies Footwear in India

The polyurethane is produced by reacting an isocyanate prepolymer, like methylene diphenyl isocyanate, and a polyol component within the presence of warmth and an organometallic catalyst.

How is PU Sole Made?

To make sure with the PU Gents and Ladies Footwear in India, PU sole advantages the footwear companies with its use during a wide range of footwear, the PU sole manufacturers have produced mainly two versions of the polyurethane.

  • Polyester: This variant of polyurethane is manufactured by using polyester polyols and offers excellent resistance against heat and abrasion. Thus, it’s utilized in Hawai Slipper for Men & Women in Rajasthan and produces high-quality sports and safety shoes.
  • Polyether: Produced employing a blend of polyether polyols, the polyether polyurethane features an excellent finish to its covering. It offers water-resistant properties, making it perfect in stylish general-purpose footwear like street shoes and sandals.

PU Sole Advantages

The highly competent characteristics of Flat Sandals for girls and Gents in Jaipur, the footwear manufacturers and consumers alike, and often properly made the soul of the footwear industry. Here is a representation of these advantages:

Lightweight: There is hardly any who’d wish to move heavy feet around; thus, an airy material like polyurethane usually is the primary option because the sole for lightweight footwear.

Chemical & Water Resistance: Polyurethane is understood for its idle, robust, and sturdy qualities. Thus, the footwear manufacturers find PU sole beneficial enough to be used as a shoe sole element in high-quality safety Footwear for several industries.

Finest Grip: These soles show excellent grip on even the foremost slippery surfaces, making them alluring enough to be used in nearly all types of footwear.

Comfort & Durability: Appreciations to its well-finished cover and leather-like flexibility, Polyurethane offers both these qualities in every variety of footwear.

Shock Absorption: For the applications, where the customer must reach or walk around for long, the footwear should have good shock reflection properties. Thus, polyurethane is the right choice to be used because of the sole material for such a design.

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