Footwear New Collection 2K20 | Best Footwear Distributor in Rajasthan

With the year 2K20 already knocking on the doors, it is time to check out some best footwear huge collection for the year. If you are looking forward to Best Quality Gents and Ladies Shoes in India and Best Sandal for ladies in India, a worthy shoe new collection is waiting at Carbon Footwear, a leading shoe retailer that has a mega store in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Six Carbon footwear collection which is in demand this year | Best Footwear Distributor in Rajasthan

Ventilated Fashion Sandals

Best Sandal for ladies in India: These sandals for men and women are much in demand this year. The sole is made out of quality rubber which offers the much-needed comfort and these sandals can be worn at work also owing to their exquisite designs.

You can also buy the best Quality Gents and Ladies Shoes in India and Best Sandal for ladies in India in case you do not find the time to visit a store.

Printed Heels

If you are looking at Best Sandal for ladies in India, Best Footwear Distributor in Rajasthan,a range of options does exist. However, if you wish to gift a reliable one to your loved ones in the family, printed heels can be a good option. These fashionable sandals are much in trend and come with a high heel of five inches. These block heels will last long and the lady wearing the same will also look and feel attractive.

Canvas Shoes

These are much in demand for men and are ultra-comfortable in feel and finish. These are extremely lightweight and have a padded top line with a soft textile lining which ensures that the foot remains comfortable all the while.

Ethnic Loafer Slip

These ethnic loafer slips for men come in different colors and design patterns and have caught the fancy of men lately. Best Sandal for ladies in India, The trendy designs seem to have been well researched and the leather feel also makes the shoes worthy wear for a traditional party.

Toe Strap Flats

This is another of the must-have footwear new trend collection for women in 2k20. The stylish elegance will make heads turn when a woman wears these strap flats. The toe strap in these flats come in a sleek look and makes the woman look stylish indeed.

Classy Straps Flat

These are also much in demand and are made out of synthetic leather. This makes it a daily wear item that can be carried with equal elegance to the office as well as to the late-night parties.

Not only these but there are many more classy, stylish, and attractive footwear collections that you must browse. Nonetheless, you can always check out the range of footwear collection mentioned above and make your 2k20 a special year indeed.

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