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Baby foot sizes are formed up to 6-7 years. So this is a very important time when it is appropriate for parents to pay special attention to growing crumbs for children. If the development of the foot goes wrong, it leads to various deformities, for example, flat feet, which leads to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Let’s check How to Choose the Best Shoes for Kids with carbon footwear.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Kids- Carbon Footwear

When buying sandals or boots for children, it is best for parents to be “aware” of themselves. Then the following tips are useful:

  1. Footwear for children should be natural material: leather or clothing.
  2. Pay attention to the back: if it is hard, but the child’s feet are soft (so do not rub) in the place of contact, then everything is so.
  3. The size should match the child’s foot length when appropriate; the distance from the big toe to the inner surface of the shoe was no more than 1.5 centimeters.
  4. Let the child have some time. When walking, the legs take up more space. Shoes should be comfortable for children.
  5. It is better to choose shoes and sandals from well-known manufacturers who are already proving themselves with the best side in the market.

As already we mentioned above, the best footwear is required for children to prevent incorrect development of the feet. If you already have problems, you need to see a doctor.

Does a child need orthopedic shoes?

In order for the feet to develop properly, children need to be able to walk on the ground and on the grass. Walking exclusively on a flat floor, pitch, in contrast, flat feet stimulated In our time, urban dwellers find it hard to imagine how their children would walk barefoot in their backyards. It can be unsafe. Therefore, there is a need for orthopedic footwear for children.

  • Comfortable clasps on the ankle;
  • Firm, at the same time flexible, sole;
  • Small heels;
  • finger with instep

Shoes for small ones

Many mothers like fabric, woven or soft leather boots. But booties are rather symbolic shoes than functional boots. They are suitable only for having a bed or a patio, but not for the street. The footwear in the toe area should be wide, with a round nose; otherwise, the foot may be deformed. It is desirable that the fingers of a small child are closed. After all, he often stumbles and falls, easily hitting them. Shoes should be the size of the kid the shoes are easy to determine the required size, you only need to measure the length with one centimeter.

The kid grows fast, his legs grow fast. Tight shoes will swim on the feet and disrupt blood circulation. Therefore, parents should immediately keep an eye on whether the shoes are suitable for children, not to distort the shoes or shoes. Shoes bought by the explosion are just as dangerous as tight ones. Large shoes lead to calluses, abrasions, improper walking. It is considered ideal to change shoes every 6-8 months baby. The child does not wear other people’s shoes.

Winter Footwear for Kids’

In winter, warm shoes from cloth felt suitable for children. Felt boots It is not good to walk in a room- they do not meet the needs of children’s shoes orthopedic treatment. The same goes for rubber boots. So do not hesitate to ask the sellers, especially the market, certificates, and certificates. Choosing orthopedic physics for the child, we are responsible for his health.

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