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Ever since the fashion industry has developed, there have been a lot of options for men as well. Whether talk about shoes or stylish watches. And now, even boys can look handsome on a low budget. But when it comes to classy or decent looks, most men yet attracted to things made of leather. Shoes have an enormous effect on our dressing style. If you are not wearing Best Stylish Leather Footwear, the best dress looks less attractive. Therefore, keeping this in the reason we, Carbon Footwear, have brought for you shoes made of luxurious leather material. It is much stronger and more stylish. You can use them as formal and party wear. Furthermore our shoes for men can be pair with jeans, trousers, formals, and even suits.

Difference between Real and Fake leather

In natural and duplicate leather, its texture or pattern is most important. Natural leather is made of animal skin and its elasticity is quite good. And finishing of the products created from it, is better. On the other hand duplicate leather is made with synthetic material, so these are hard to wear.

How to identify leather- 

  • The smell of Leather– Its fragrance is necessary to identify the natural leather. Synthetic leather is made of plastic. So when it is identified, it will smell like the footwear is made of plastic.
  • Pebbled Leather is made of pelt, the external surface of natural leather has some special patterns.
  • Color Change can be the sign of natural leather
  • And Fire test

Types of leather | PU Footwear manufacturer in Rajasthan

The four types of leather are the most common. Based on these, their price is decided.  But if you do not have the right information, the shopkeeper can sell you low-quality leather at higher prices.

So know how to test the quality of leather- 

  • Full Grain Leather -It is considered to be the highest quality leather. It does not have any kind of coating. So it has spots, fibers, and shrinkage
  • Top Grain Leather– It is considered second only to full-grain leather. Its quality is also considered to be better. The skin is very soft.
  • Genuine Leather– This leather is also made of genuine leather. But it is of light quality. Because this kind of leather is made from the skin that is left after removing the best quality skin.
  • Corrected Grain Leather– This is the lowest category of leather. This is crafted by artisans with great effort.

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These are all great shoes that can be worn on formal and occasional occasions. You will find these leather shoes for men in many colors and designs. These shoes are available in stylish tan-colored leather. You can pair this with jeans, and a formal dress. The sole is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate material with having lace-up closure. These shoes are much stronger and more stylish because they are made of leather material.

Types of Leather shoes

Plain Leather Clogs and Mules:

These are casual shoes made of Carbon Footwear stylish leather. In this, you get a sole made of PU material. It can be worn with jeans, trousers, and joggers. Wearing it will give you a very stylish and attractive look. In this, you  get a soft foot-bed.

Where you can wear?

can worn during trekking

Men Genuine Leather Shoes:

This is very stylish black leather shoes for men look. These are shoes with pull-on closure. You can make your look much more stylish and attractive by wearing it with casual and formal dress.  Its thermoplastic is made of elastomer. In it, you get a cushioned foot-bed.

Where you can wear?

You can wear it to the office or a party.

Leather Ethnic Mojari for Men:

It looks like a sack that is enclose with a drawstring. You can pair it with jeans and an ethnic dress to get a great look . It will be stylish to look at as well as comfortable to wear.

where you can wear?

Perfect option to wear during an evening party

So if you want to buy pure leather stylish shoes then you must visit Best Stylish Leather Footwear in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We also have known as the best Manufacturer of footwear in Rajasthan.

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