Different kinds of footwear that you should wear in Rainy season 2022 | Best footwear for rainy season

Umbrellas and raincoats can help you to be dry when the monsoon arrives. But your shoes can’t save you from getting wet due to rainwater pour down the ground. Rainwater can damage not only your feet but also your slippers. So how can we choose the best Footwear for the rainy season in India, so that you can enjoy the rainy season by wearing your comfortable footwear? 

Here are different types of footwear  available at Carbon Footwear that are good for the rainy season.  

Types of Footwear for rainy season | Best footwear for rainy season India

Flip flops

Apart from comfort level, Flip flops are also best for rain. These can be wear with shorts, a dress, and jeans. And these flip flops do not damage by water, and they can also dry very quickly.


The trend of Crocs has increased a lot these days. Crocs is made with lightweight material. And air can also pass easily in it hence our feet can remain dry quickly. Moreover, look wise also they are good. Hence wearing crocs in the monsoon can also make you look good.

High Heel Canvas Shoes

In monsoon, high heel canvas shoes will keep you comfortable apart from looking stylish. You can give yourself a trendy and casual look by wearing high heel canvas shoes over skirts or shorts. There are a variety of designs available at Carbon Footwear. 

So next time before going to a party with friends, you will not have to worry about spoiling your expensive shoes because it dries quickly when wet.

Rubber Footwear

Rubber footwear is cheap and is simply available in carbon footwear. In today’s era, along with rubber footwear, many experiments are also done regarding colors and style. In such a situation, you will get the convenience of rubber footwear from office to market. Rubber footwear is specially wear in the middle area so that it also protects from getting trap in the swamp etc. It would be good for you to use them in daily use.

Carbon footwear is the best footwear for any rainy day that offers a sense of good style, a leisure time to relish, and a comfortable foot, especially if you wish to enjoy the tranquil rainy weather. Also, wet footwear easily and rapidly catch infections, and therefore necessary to keep them spaced and dry out to use it later. It is always a great idea to have a balance between the weather and things to wear, especially footwear. Because footwear completes your look and enhances your personality.

Worrying about how to take care of Leather shoes in monsoon season? Here are some ways how to care for leather shoes and sandals during the monsoons .

These are some Best footwear available for the rainy season in India at Carbon. We also have varieties of gent shoes, Hawai chappal, ladies chappal, kids shoes, and many others footwears available at our Carbon Footwear website.  

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