Father’s Day is coming soon, and now is the time to race your mind to get the perfect gift for your father. To help you here are 8 types of Footwear to gift your father and make their day special.  

Undoubtfully a choice for a gift comes with a vast deal of pressure to meet the receiver expectation. And it is difficult task when a person is unaware of the gift receiver needs. And if talk about our fathers, they are often less expressive, and hence its hard to figure out their liking.

Shoes are essential part of a man’s wardrobe. And all older people like getting dress in formal way with a bit of style in their appearance. Here we have eased up your work by bringing eight types of footwear you can gift your father this Father’s Day.

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Different types of footwear to choose from, on Father’s Day | 8 Types of Footwear to gift your father


Oxford shoes are formal shoes with closed laces. They are very professional in appearance hence your father will love it definitely. Be it an official meeting or a business deal a father would stand out if this classic leather piece will be the part of his wardrobe.


Loafers are casual shoes that can wear while visit to market or any store. These shoes is generally made of leather and give a classy look. Furthermore, the designs on the shoe are sober, which can go well with sober clothes normally wear by fathers.

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Slip-on shoes are classically loafers with straps and can wear easily. These shoes are very comfortable. And with these shoes, small chores for the house or market visit can done as they are durable.


Sketchers are very lightweight shoes that are suitable for morning walks and exercises. They are very comfortable and breathable. They have comfortable soles which don’t cause blisters and offer good cushioning.


Sandals are very comfortable to wear and mostly worn while riding two-wheeler. They are very breathable and also prevent sweat. Sandals can come in different colors and are comfortable materials. These features make sandals a good option to gift.


Boots are made for all purposes. And these are made of traditional leather, which give our father a stylish yet sober look. Therefore can wear with both formals and casuals. 


Running shoes are very beneficial for people who have exercise daily. Because they built with extra padded soles and comfort. And they avoid friction and reduce fatigue.


Therapeutic shoes come with extra levels of safety to the feet. These are specially design to reduce pain because of friction and enhance comfort. The therapeutic shoes have enough space and padding to accommodate the entire feet comfortably and it also avoid any injury.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have eased out your work of choosing a gift. We believe that a gift on Father’s Day comes with affection towards our father. Nothing can be more important than a gift that can bring a smile to their face. We hope this list helps you choose the best shoe to give your father this Father’s Day.

So among above 8 footwear which one you are planning to gift your father this father’s day. Do share that in comment section below. And if you are still confused then you can visit our website and go to gents footwear section and choose any one from them.

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